So far I have managed to visit 3 continents, and I am totally willing to visit the rest of them in the future. Traveling is a way to get to know the world we do not live in, and to investigate ways to improve ourselves and participate in the exchange of information for the ultimate purpose of contributing to the world we live in. Each country, each city, each area can be very different from the neighboring one, and this is what makes traveling even more interesting; namely, the lack of cultural continuity between places.


Europe, the continent of the numerous neighboring countries with great history but very different culture. Europe never stops surprising people because of its extreme diversity and great differences within a very small area. One can find ancient and historic places (see Italy and Greece), modern places (see the UK and Germany), artistic places (see France and Spain), and many many more. The most incredible aspect of Europe is that each place has its very own characteristic atmosphere that nowhere else one can ever find! In many cities you have the impression of actually walking in the roads of the 17th century, while others give the impression of walking in the streets of impressionistic or surrealistic artists.


I'm glad to say that one of my dreams has already come true, and this was my visit to Japan (the only country I've visited in Asia so far). Therefore, this section could also be named Japan, but I'm planning to visit other countries in the future as well ;-) Japan was one of the best traveling experiences so far; I don't really know where to start, so I'm just going to pick two things that really impressed me. First of all, the equilibrium between the environment and technology was unbelievable! Before going there I thought that the cities were inhumanely dense without any idea of green, but I was happily surprised. Second, the people and their culture; although almost no one spoke English, they were always very willing to help and would never leave us alone until they were sure that we were going exactly where we wanted to.

North America

In North America I have had the opportunity to visit only the US so far. Nevertheless, the diversity of nature, people, culture throughout the states is just outstanding. One of the things that have impressed me the more in this country, is that I feel a lot more comfortable driving somewhere in the middle of nowhere than walking in most parts of most cities. I constantly feel that this country was built purposely solely for cars! This probably the reason why I love driving on the highway and doing road trips. The road trip I want to do next is from Seattle to San Francisco via the Pacific Highway. My favorite city in the US is New York; what can I say? I love city life!


Harajuku, Tokyo

A place with amazing mixture of people; from “normal” everyday attires to the Japanese Elvis!

Montmarte, Paris

The view of Paris and the omnipresent artists say it all.

Park Güel, Barcelona

Just an outstanding place, where the human imagination can be left free.

Keukenhof, Netherlands

Amazing patterns made with the use flowers.