Media Files

This section is dedicated to media files, i.e., videos, photos, papers, articles, etc. . On this section I will be posting material that is related either to my work or my hobbies, travels and so on and so forth. Hope you find it interesting!

CarSim Simulations

CarSim LogoCarSim is a software for high-fidelity vehicle simulation, which I have used extensively the past two years in order to test my vehicle control & estimation designs and to validate my theoretical results. In order to test my algorithms I coupled CarSim with Matlab/Simulink, as well as other off-the-shelf Matlab toolboxes.

Driver-based Advanced Driver Assistance System

During my work at DCSL I designed a driver-based Advanced Driver Assistance System (dbADAS). What does “driver-based” (or driver-in-the-loop) mean however? So far, the ADAS are oblivious to the driver model and perform a corrective or even by-passing action withouht taking into consideration the dynamics of the driver. In other words, the ADAS detect specific conditions that need to be satisfied and then assist the driver with the desired task (assuming that semi-autonomous/sharing control of the vehicle exists). In my work I used the two-point visual driver model for the driver and designed controllers that actually took into consideration the driver's dynamics and not just the vehicle or steering dynamics, in order to perform the desired maneuver. The task into consideration was the lane-tracking and in the videos below a comparison between my dbADAS and the classical ADAS, as well as the driver-only case, is shown. It is worth mentioning that dbADAS performs significantly better while it also reduces the driver effort for the same maneuver. For more details please refer to the description of each video by clicking on the Youtube icon at the bottom right of the embedded window.

dbADAS vs Driver-Only (70mk/h)

dbADAS vs Classical ADAS (70mk/h)

dbADAS vs Driver-Only (90mk/h)

dbADAS vs Classical ADAS (90mk/h)

Did You Know?

You can actually couple the CVX optimization toolbox with Simulink and perform optimzation-based control in run-time with the use of Simulink and CarSim. For details on that send me an e-mail :-)