Photography is something I enjoy at a rather amateur level, but I'm doing my best whenever I have the time. I enjoy it because it involves technology, that I love, and a weird interaction between myself and the surrounding environment; for me photography revolves around the subject (i.e., what do you want to photograph), the company (i.e., who are you with when taking pictures), the place (i.e., are you on a travel or just walking in town), the equipment, and last but not least the experimentation.


Some may argue that photography requires a very good camera, while others may say that it's the artistic flair runs in your vains and has nothing to do with the equipment. In my opinion, the truth lies somewhere in between, but in any case you need to know very well what you “machine” is capable of doing (and most of the times not doing!), in order to get good photos. Being an engineer was very helpful in wanting to actually learn how cameras work and what they (or actually I am) capable of doing. So far, I have had three cameras that I used extensively.

Olympus μ700 (link): This was the first camera I extensively used and I bought it for the purpopse of taking pictures during a long trip; it was during that trip that I realized how many more different types of photos I want to take, it was then that I realized I had to buy a more advanced camera :) Nevertheless, Olympus μ700 did its job satisfactorily and I really enjoyed playing with it, until it died in the blue waters of Corfu...

Canon Powershot G9 (link): G9 was the second camera I bought and it was one of the best “gadget” buyss I've ever done! The power of compactness (at the time it was the best compact camera) along with its broad capabilities (e.g., great optical and digital zoom, very good Macro, fully manual mode, etc.) made it a great photography tool, especially for quick and easy photos. Due to the possibility of fully manual mode I trained very well with the all the major specs of a camera and became acquainted with the most important functions. Again, however, I managed to saturate the camera's capabilities; the small size of the sensor forced me to make extensive use of high ISO that deteriorated the photos quality.

Canon EOS D500 (Rebel T1i) (link), Canon EF-S 18-200 lens (link), Canon EW-78D Parasoley: D500 has been my last camera and I have really enjoyed taking pictures with it, be it during traveling or just walking in the park. It might not have been the best DSLR ever, but I had already fallen in love with the Canon control panel of the G9 when I purchased it and the transition was very smooth. The options that one has with a DSLR camera are absolutely amazing (note: do not forget the lens! that's what it is all about in ;-) ). What I love the most about D500, and all DSLR in general, is that I want to experiment with all possible settings, in order to get the photo I WANT and not the photo that the camera wants...It takes some time to get used to the functions and the sensitivity of camera to the light or colors, but even then you can achieve magnificent photos just by being lucky :-) As always, you cannot discover many things without trial and error.

Sample Photos

My PhotoRotterdam

The red rider

My PhotoCentral Park, Central Park


My PhotoZacharo


My PhotoPagoi, Corfu