Who is Spyros?

In this page you can learn a few things about me; as an individual who is willing to explore this world, and learn as many things as possible from travels, arts, and culture. The question that arises, however, in such a venture, i.e., the creation of personal website, is “What should I tell about myself? ”. Well, I have decided that, at least at this point, one can get to know me by reading about my origin, origins to be precise :-), and my “free-time” interests.


GreeceMy name is Spyridon (Σπυρίδων), Spyros (Σπύρος) the preferred one, Zafeiropoulos (Ζαφειρόπουλος) and I am from Greece (Ελλάδα); I grew up in Zacharo (Ζαχάρω), with its magnificent 30km gold sand beach, and I am also from the reknown island of Corfu (Κέρκυρα) or commonly known as the "Island of the Phaeacians", located in the norhtwest of Greece in the Ionian sea. learn more!


BasketballI started doing sports consistently at the age of 7, but I always believe it was in my DNA to do so! As one can correctly assume, my favorite sport is basketball :-). Though it was the last one that I tried, I just fell in love with it and still keep playing whenever I have the chance. In general, I have played different sports and martial arts all these years; soccer, volleyball, handball, Tae Kwon-Do, Karate, high jump. I am more of player than a watcher, i.e., I prefer playing the game and not wathcing on TV. It doesn't really matter what the sport is, given the chance I will try it and I will try to become good at it. This probably explains my consistent participation in teams, especially in basketball, soccer, and Tae Kwon-Do for many years. learn more!


The globeThe origin is the starting point and a point of reference for the days to come; it is the origin that forges a great part of our character, our habbits, and many of our desires. Nevertheless, the world is not just a point; it a continuum of points rather. Therefore, traveling is getting to meet different cultures, different people, different nature, different “everything” sometimes; hence, as does the origin, or hometown if you prefer, to everyone's personality and character, so does the rest of the world. And this is why I love to travel and try to do so whenever I have the chance; it is the need to explore myself, and continue forging myselft (maybe the details more often than not) by looking at the way different places interact with people and me, and how I interact with them. At this point I am at halt in my decision process for the next places to visit, but I'm open to ideas :-)learn more!


My photoSince the first time I remember my self I always liked things that were dynamic in nature, i.e., cars, aeroplanes, basketball; among those things were the videos as well. For a long time I considered photography to be very static for my taste! That continued until my firt long trip where, for the sake of having some souvenirs, I became acquainted with my first digital camera; that was it! Since then photography has become a part of my life, especially when I travel or have relaxing free time. I will never state that I am professional or even an expert photographer, but it is something I enjoy. From my perspective it is the process, the timing, the people, the surrounding, yourself that decide whether a photo will be special, i.e., many times it doesn't even have to be nice to valuable to you; and this is what makes photography amazing!

PS. The photo on the left corner of this section is mine, it is from Rotterdam, and it was selected for an exhibition in Greece.learn more!

Arts and Culture

Melting ClockAlthough I always felt the need to get closer and more familiar with the art, and culture in general, this did not happen until the last years of high school. As a teenager I was mostly focused on sports, outdoor activities, and positive sciences. Nevertheless, I become greatly motivated by the passages of Evangelos Papanoutsos and started to read, extensively I would say, books and articles on the topic of practical philosophy. Later, during the 3rd of my undergraduate studies, I had the luck to come across a wonderful person who introduced me to the experience of live classical music, especially the world of the opera. Since then I have been trying to gain as many experiences as I can from the artistic world, be it painting, music, or just a “weird” exhibition. I see art & culture (where by culture I am referring to everything not mentioned in the sections above) as that part of my life that is absent from my professional existence, but makes me become a better person by thinking spherically and helping me to get rid of any blinkers I may have. learn more!

Interesting Cities

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the most populous metropolitan area in the world. When you visit, however, Tokyo is its people, its neon lights, its amazing balance between technology and green areas; Tokyo is an experience just being there..!

New York, USA

New York has been described as the cultural capital of the world and exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment; in plain words, New York is the city where you constantly feel that anything can happen and you are in the center of the world!

Paris, France

Paris has attracted artists from around the world, arriving in the city to educate themselves and to seek inspiration from its vast pool of artistic resources and galleries. As a result, Paris has acquired a reputation as the "City of Art". Above all, Paris is about walking, exploring the city, and feeling the romantic atmosphere!

Delft, Netherlands

Delft is primarily known for its historic town centre with canals; also for the painter Vermeer, Delft Blue pottery (Delftware), the Delft University of Technology, and its association with the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau. In any case, Delft is like a mini-Amsterdam where cycling is not a "must", but totally helps exploring the area (i.e. you can easily go to Hague or Rotterdam), enjoying the ducks, and trying a different beer every night ;-)