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Except for being a regular guy with spare-time interests, I have another passion as well; this is engineering or problem solving actually (i.e., in the broader meaning of the term!). The question is “why an Engineer?”, but the question, since I remember myself, has always been “why this, why that, etc” ; maybe you we can find together the answer in this page :-)

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Child Engineer

Space Shuttle ToyThe first toy I remember having was a small space shuttle (hence the picture on the left), and this might have been the trigger for me endind up in the aerospace engineering. Since then my life always included studyign anything related to science and engineering. My passion for building things (and destroying things of course!) was further encouraged by LEGO; nevertheless, my “work” was not confined to off-the-shelf toys and I always managed to be creative. At the age of 9 I built a vehicle/robot with the use of only AA batteries and clothes pins (unfortunately, the digital camera era arrived a lot later than that and no pics exist...). My acquaintance with modern technology, i.e., PC or video games, arrived at the age of 10 when I got my first PC (Pentium, 133MHz, 1.2GB, Windows 95, 16MB Ram, yes it was a beast!). It was just a month later that I learned “to learn how something works, you need to break it first”! Therefore, I started formatting the hard drive, changing OS, configuring everything, etc. . It was then that I realized how comfortable I feel with technology, and that I should use it as much as possible. At an early age I started breaking things and then fixing them again, at an early age I realized I enjoyed being an engineer (more like problem solver).

Student Engineer

Basketball As years passed and I went to (junior) high school, I had the need to become as knowledgable as possible in terms of anything related to technology, from mobile phones to car engines; it was when I was 15 years old that I got riveted by the cars and motrocycles and started reading extensively about their specs, their engines, the brands, the design and casting methodologies etc. I believe this was the point of my life when I decided to join the School of Mechanical Engineering.learn more!


Vision Kinematics of Two-Points Visual Driver Model Since I remember myself I always had the need to understand fully (or at least as much as possible) how this world “works” and how I can make this world a better place through my work. At the same time, I was interested in understanding the state-of-the-art in technology and science, which led me to want to perform advanced research early in my studies at NTUA. Consequently, I started working as an undergraduate research assistant in 2008 at CSL; later I joined DCSL in 2011 as a graduate research assistant, and I also worked at MERL as a research intern, and my primary goal was to perform hing-end research in the field of systems dynamics & control, especially vehicle (any type of vehilce!) dynamics & control, and human-machine interaction. learn more!


ProjectThroughout my academic and work life I have participated in various projects and my role has not been the same in all of them; it varied from being an undergraduate assistant learning the basics of working for a large European project or as one of the main researchers or even as project manager. The experience and knowledge that one gains from project participation is great and incomparable (more often than not) with "lone-walker" work. learn more!

Interesting Cars

Mazda 787BMazda 787B

It's sound alone suffices to makes it special..!

Honda NSX-RHonda NSX-R

Developed in the early 90's with the contribution of Ayrton Senna, it continued to embarrass many supercars for years. Need say no more...

Pagani Zonda FPagani Zonda F

Everything on this car has been designed by one person, it is rather a piece of art rather than just a car. Needless to say that sound-wise and performance-wise is outstanding!


An everyday car (for those who can afford it!) that revs to 8000rpm and drifts like there is not tomorrow. I could live with that, especially the sound of a 4.0l V8!

Dodge ViperDodge Viper

Fast as hell and a constant wheel-spinner; “ un-drivable ” in any racing game :-\